3 Compelling Reasons to Take Cisco 500-173 Certification Exam

The Certbolt  500-173 certification exam focuses on evaluating the candidates’ skills in designing the FlexPod solution as well as assessing the computing solution performance requirements and characteristics. Besides, the test checks the knowledge of hardware components related to the FlexPod Solution and the process for choosing proper hardware for a particular set of requirements.

This exam is associated with the Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist certificate. By earning this accreditation, you prove that you are a trustworthy professional who can understand the users’ requirements, manage the FlexPod solution, and implement it in a business environment to power the most vital apps and reduce operational costs. Apart from that, getting a passing score on the Certbolt accreditation test can bring you various other benefits. Read this article until the end to find more about them!

Top 3 Reasons to Pass the Cisco 500-173 Accreditation Test!

  1. Gain Skills in One of the Most Innovative Solutions

The FlexPod solution is one of the most innovative tools that businesses can use to reduce their operational costs and improve efficiency. The Cisco 500-173 test syllabus helps you understand how to manage FlexPod design and describe compute solutions. In addition, you will go through topics dedicated to storage and networking. On top of that, you will gain expertise in describing access control methods for Certbolt design as well as identifying and using the necessary tools for the IX5000 endpoint.

  1. Gain More Visibility

FlexPod is a trustable solution that many modern IT departments start to use to it as a modern networking solution. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that a certified professional who knows how to manage FlexPod components will gain more visibility on the job market. Once you pass the exam, you are allowed to add the Cisco badge to your resume and social media network. So, this opportunity will help you stand out from other candidates and become an interested candidate for recruiters.

  1. Become Part of an Exclusive Group of Professionals

The Certbolt certification exam is quite difficult and requires advanced skills in assessing and implementing the FlexPod environment. This evaluation requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Therefore, not all candidates manage to get the passing score on the first attempt. So, once you pass it, your self-confidence will Certbolt . Moreover, you will become part of an exclusive group of professionals who share the same interests and strive to learn more about the FlexPod solution and how it can be used in a business environment to improve its performance.


FlexPod is one of the most innovative solutions that organizations can use to manage data with ease, power up the most important apps, and reduce operational costs. If you want to develop a career in this field, passing the Certbolt certification exam is the right path to go. Once you add the associated accreditation to your resume, you will gain more visibility and become a trusted candidate for recruiters. Also, once you get the passing score, you will enter an exclusive community of professionals who are motivated to leverage their skills and want to stay updated with the latest trends.


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